The Healing Journey: Healing & Growing One Day at a Time!



If you consciously choose to read my Healing Guide, then good for you! You have made the courageous choice to start your healing journey. I will tell you now that healing is not an easy journey to embark on. Today I am still traveling on my healing journey. This book aims to promote and advocate mental health, healing, & the growth-mindset! Thanks in advance for all your support! I hope this E-Book helps with your healing journey! Please share the purchasing link with someone else who may need some healing! Your download link with show up after your purchase! You may “Contact Me” at the top of my website if you have any problems, reviews, questions, or concerns! 💕With Love-Michelle



The Pearl Blog Presents: The Healing Journey Healing & Growing One Day at a Time! It is an online E-book that discusses the healing journey. What is healing? How do you start the healing journey? How do you recognize unhealed wounds? What techniques should you use to begin your healing journey? There are so many great resources here! You will have a different perspective on healing after reading this E-Book!!!