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Welcome to Healing & Growing Mental Health Life Coaching LLC,

I am Michelle Murray your Healing & Mental Health Life Coach

As your healing and mental health life coach for women, I will assist you in gaining clarity and guidance on what actions you need to take to heal and prioritize your mental health. My goal is to help you on your healing journey while supporting you with the intention of you growing and equipping yourself with the tools & resources to start your healing journey! 

The Healing and Growing Mental Health Life Coaching Membership has  multiple coaching packages. Each package will include different benefits and are at different prices. To become a monthly member, which permits you to communicate on our forum & view all mental health & healing content, a monthly fee of $17.00 will be charged. The monthly payment is separate from all coaching services!

The forum is the perfect place to encourage and empower each other & make lifetime connections. This is a safe no-judgement zone, and no hate will be tolerated! This is a forum for supporting & healing together!




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