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Before I decided to write this blog, I asked myself, what would readers think? Would I be judged? Or would the readers be open-minded? I only doubted myself for about five minutes then I said, “F it, I can only be myself”! I want to jump right into it and ask what are your thoughts on divination? Do you believe in divination? Have you ever participated in divination? If you are not sure what divinations are let me explain!! 

Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. 

There are different forms of divination such as Tarot Cards & readings, reading tea leaves, pendulum divination, reading of bones, reading of stones, numerology, & even astrology. My divination of choice is Tarot Cards. I have studied & practiced them on a regular for a while, and before I initially started, I already knew I had the gift of intuition. My first experiences with intuition started when I was an adolescent. Around twelve years of age, I felt connected to spirit and often knew things before they transpired. Being a child, I did not understand and figured maybe I dreamed this, and it came to fruition. I grew up in a Methodist church and to speak of psychics or visions was not tolerated. Although there were fortune-telling and omens in the bible, most church people would rather ignore the fact that there are intuitive people in the world, and I know for sure I am one of them.

Before I understood my gift, I would just tell people “I am favored” In my opinion favor has been with me and around me all my life. I can only thank my Source and ancestors before me for the favor. Have horrible things happened to me? Yes, I have experienced trauma, I have done wrong, been wronged, & through it all, I was still favored. Why do I call it favor? Well, because no matter what transpired in my life from sexual abuse, losing loved ones, domestic violence, combat trauma, divorce, & the enemy constantly attacking me… I have always remained in a position to bounce back. In my lowest moments, the spirit has come to me and ensured me everything will be okay. There have been spirits that I recognized & ones that I did not, but the overwhelming feeling of comfort from the spirits always reminded me that this here “earthly stuff” is only temporary. We are only placed here on earth in a shell/ body to complete our purpose and then we transcend to the spirit world and make an impact.

Knowing that our presence here on earth is temporary makes it easier to understand why I have experienced so much trauma. Everything that happens and everything that will happen is for a reason. The reason I practice Tarot Reading is that I accept and trust the guidance of my ancestors. Tarot Cards are my ancestor’s guidance and energy that is passed through the Tarot Cards. To decipher Tarot Cards is a gift. Just because you may know the meaning of a particular Tarot Card does not make you are an experienced Tarot Reader. Tarot Reading requires a strong connection to spirit, deep meditation, cleanings of your energy, & trusting your intuition. Intuition is real! You cannot second guess yourself, your thoughts, or your feelings when it comes to Tarot Cards. Tarot Cards requires you to trust your intuition completely. If you think you are intuitive then try some intuitive practices. I like to predict certain situations, and then see if I am correct. When I first started reading Tarot Cards, I would read myself, and then once I became fully confident and trusted my cards, I started to read family members and friends.

Whether you are a believer or non-believer I have decided to share this because I am tired of hiding my gifts. I have been thinking a lot, and I feel now is the perfect time to share my gifts. I will start doing readings soon. If you are interested in discussing divinations or interested in a Tarot Reading, please click the Contact Me on The Pearl Blog website! Now that I have shared my “secret” with you all I would like to give you.… Yes, YOU! A one-card reading pull! I have meditated, saged, & shuffled my Tarot Deck, and here is the advice I would like to give anyone reading this blog: You may have assumed some responsibilities lately, and although the trials you are facing seems like more than you can bear, just know this “You have the strength to carry on and the burdens that you are experiencing are not too heavy for the Champion you are” Stop taking on too much, & do not overdo it! DO NOT overburden yourself with unnecessary burdens. You can not and should not carry the world on your shoulders. Set boundaries in your life and learn to juggle your responsibilities in a way that does not cause you stress. Give up the control you are used to having and seek help if you need to! It is okay to not be okay, & it is okay to ask for help!

I hope you enjoyed this blog; it took a lot for me to share this! I have practiced this in silence for too long, and now the cat is out of the bag please feel free to comment, like, share, or contact me. I am an open-minded person and I do not judge people based on religion, beliefs, culture, race, sex, or orientation. The Pearl Blog was created for this. I enjoy sharing my testimonies, my struggles, my strengths, & my healing journey with you. Even before COVID just getting through life was hard for some of us, and the only thing that has kept me going is Source, divination, meditation, & The Pearl Blog. I hope that you keep pushing, keep believing, & find the healing you need. Remember no matter what you are experiencing it is all temporary!


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