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Hey! I believe you were led here for one or more reasons! Reason #1 you are curious about the healing journey, or Reason #2 you have decided to try healing so that you can have the peace of mind and the clarity you have probably needed for a long time! Making it here is the first step! Reading The Healing Journey: Healing & Growing One Day at a Time is the next step, and then you have to do some self-reflecting and make the ultimate decision of saying goodbye to holding on to trauma & being a victim & officially start your healing journey, to discover the best version of you!  If you are not sure about healing and mental health coaching and want a free 1-hour consultation please schedule your free consultation here! Also, if you prefer a paper back copy of The Healing Journey:Healing and Growing One Day at a Time they are available here on Amazon! The book has some amazing healing activities towards the end that could help you self-reflect and think of your decision to start the healing process with me as your coach!

Healing & Growing Mental Health Monthly Membership & Coaching Sessions! Find which package is best for you!

Mental Health & Healing Monthly Life Coaching Subscription
The monthly membership permits you to communicate on our forum & view all mental health & healing content for a monthly fee of $17.00. The monthly payment is separate from all coaching services!
The forum is the perfect place to encourage and empower each other & make lifetime connections. This is a safe no-judgement zone, and no hate will be tolerated! This is a forum to support, inform, & encourage!
The “Can We Talk” is a one-time payment of $80! The “Can We Talk” package can be booked at any time. This package is excellent for last-minute needs. Maybe you had a hard day or are struggling one week and need coach Michelle to actively listen & then discuss your concerns, goals, and needs, and then I will create a specialized plan for you to follow. After our 30-minute session and at least two weeks of following your specialized plan, you may decide to book full coaching sessions such as “Ready to Heal” or “I Am Committed.”  
The “Ready to HEAL” has four weekly recurring payments of $45! This package is an upgrade from the “Can We Talk” package! This package is for getting more in-depth with coach Michelle! We will discuss your concerns, goals, and needs, and then I will create a specialized plan for you to follow during the four weeks of coaching that you can utilize to make mindset changes & accomplish your goals. “Ready to HEAL” also includes four 45 minute 1:1 sessions! 
The “I AM COMMITTED” has six weekly recurring payments of $80! 
 “I AM COMMITTED” is a premium package! This package includes some great tools and guidance from coach Michelle! 
Here is why this package is considered a premium package: 
*Weekly Journaling prompts. 
*Specialized healing & mental health action plan.
*Receive resources and tips to keep your focus.
*Personalized assessment. 
*Tailored homework assignments.
*Mid-week check-ins via text or email
*Six-60 minutes Zoom/Phone sessions with the coach.

Payments here are split for the convenience of my clients that prefer split payments, to pay in full instead; book here!

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