Why should you choose me as your life coach?

Why should you choose me as your Life Coach?

Although I earned my degree in Social & Criminal Justice, intending to work in the community. My goal was to help young men and women that were becoming part of the system due to a lack of resources, lack of guidance, & an environment that placed them in unfortunate situations. My biggest aspiration was to become a federal probation officer to help those others perceived as worthless because of a mistake. Since I also grew up in low-income projects all of my life until I finally left. I know the personal struggles of trying to stay out of trouble when trouble is all around you and almost unavoidable. I believe in rehabilitation and know that one mistake does not define a person. After my deployment to Afghanistan, my focus shifted due to needing help and guidance. With that said, I believe life coaching requires more than a degree in a specific field. Life coaching involves life experience, and I have plenty of that. I decided on healing and mental health life coaching because the last thirteen years of my life have been focused entirely on recovering from my trauma and prioritizing my mental health.


I am a SURVIVOR! I have survived child molestation at the hands of people I trusted and experienced betrayal from people who said they loved me unconditionally. I survived sexual trauma, domestic violence, a deployment to Afghanistan, a suicide attempt, divorce, daddy & mommy issues, and co-parenting with a Narcissist. There is so much trauma that I had to face and conquer to survive. Before healing, I was walking around in survival mode, just living day-to-day. Life forced me into trauma recovery and taught me lessons that made me into the resilient SURVIVOR I am today. My probation officer aspiration did not come to fruition, but God led me to a greater purpose. I was led to advocate for mental health; it has been my focus and passion. Through advocating, I have often received messages from women like myself asking for help! Some women would ask how to leave a toxic marriage and survive a mental breakdown, or some women were seeking guidance and support because they felt there was no one else they could trust or be vulnerable to without judgment. I wanted to support all of them, but often it became draining because I could not always answer every person on demand. That is when God sent me the idea of “Healing & Growing Mental Health Life Coaching Comapmy LLC,” Starting this coaching business is my way of helping women on their healing journey. I will now have the platform and time to dedicate to them individually and on a more personalized level than my DMs. I can now create a specialized plan for each individual and discover what exactly is needed from me to support and guide them on their journey to healing. Encouraging words via the DMs are awesome, but choosing me as your coach will give you full access to me. My life coaching sessions will provide you with the motivation & accountability to go along with the encouragement.

Healing & Growing Mental Health Life Coaching Company LLC’s Purpose

To have purposeful conversations with you, not just “small talk.” I want to discuss and clarify your thought process, resolve your issues, come to an agreement, and then commit to actions that can better you in all aspects of your life! I know the hard work it takes to overcome trauma and the challenges that can hold you back because I have also had to go through the challenges. Because of my life experiences, I now have the tools & resources that I would love to pass along to you. Coaching sessions with me will change your mindset, help you accomplish goals, gain confidence, and see a different person looking back at you in the mirror. If you believe coaching will benefit you, click here & check out my coaching packages.
-Michelle, Your Coach

As a reminder, coaching is not therapy. Counseling and therapy require specialized training, and coaching does not require certifications. Deep-rooted traumas and behavior patterns may require a licensed Mental Health Clinical professional. I can only coach workable issues that can be improved & changed through challenging and shifting your mindset. Coaching is about shifting your mindset to receive the changes you want!

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